Special Forces Horses ethos

This is the holding page for Special Forces Horses while we complete our Charity registration.

Special Forces Horses has been set up in conjunction with PoloSingles.com to enable us to treat veterans and ex-forces with PTSD by using horsemanship. Horsemanship is not a cure-all for PTSD however learning the skill of horsemanship assists PTSD sufferers to control their emotions and have a sense of purpose, and ultimately a life-skill to help integrate that person back into society.

Our aim is to teach veterans how to train horses over months, even years, rather than days so that they can become confident horsemen who can earn a living themselves by retraining and rehabilitating horses if they so wish.

The horse is a mirror

SFH FB Look into my eyes Special Forces HorsesHorses are prey animals, and like those who have been to war, rely on their heightened senses to survive.  They react and mirror the emotions of visitors directly, without words.  Horses respond negatively to negative emotions and they respond positively to positive emotions, they have no ulterior motives.  

PTSD sufferers have experienced trauma and so are empathetic to the horse and seeing it from the horse’s point of view, which is why people with PTSD have the potential to make great horsemen. Our method of horsemanship can be learnt by anyone willing to put in the time.

Horsemanship teaches a PTSD sufferer how different emotions can effect their interactions with horses and then how to control those emotions. This awareness and control of emotions can then be transferred into daily life.

Contact us on: +44 (0) 7535 898 505 for more information.

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