Dating with a Difference – Online dating aims to support charity

Polo is such a sociable lifestyle, it is a great way to meet passionate, entrepreneurial and inspiring people on a personal and professional level.  One of the founders became involved with polo as an amateur patron and club secretary of a local club.  Through this, she met not only some of her best friends but also my life-partner.

We have a joint goal to work together as Polo Singles business partners and in setting up our charity, Special Forces Horses.

The combination of wanting to give back to horses and people prompted us all to look at starting the website in order to fund our charity which aims to help veterans cope with Combat PTSD through contact with horses.

Horses have a long-proven track record as therapy animals and equine facilitated learning:  We aim to help both horses and people with Special Forces Horses, supported by the fun medium of online dating.

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