2. Comanche

The US Army bought Comanche in St. Louis, Missouri in 1868 when the horse caught the attention of Captain Myles Keogh of the 7th Cavalry. He therefore bought it as his personal mount. In September 1868, when the Army fought Native Americans on the plains of Kansas, in the battle of Little Bighorn, Comanche was … Continue reading 2. Comanche

1. Sergeant Reckless

The first evidence of the use of horses during warfare dates from Eurasia between to 4,000-3,000 BC—that is, more than 5,000 years ago. Since that time, the usage of horses in war increased as tactics and technologies improved, such as the invention of saddles, stirrups, and yokes. In the history of war, many horses have become … Continue reading 1. Sergeant Reckless

Dating with a Difference – Online dating aims to support charity

Polo is such a sociable lifestyle, it is a great way to meet passionate, entrepreneurial and inspiring people on a personal and professional level.  One of the founders became involved with polo as an amateur patron and club secretary of a local club.  Through this, she met not only some of her best friends but … Continue reading Dating with a Difference – Online dating aims to support charity